Month: August 2018

Oral Health 08/30/2018

Waking up with dry mouth is uncomfortable. Your tongue feels dirty, no matter how much water you drink, you still feel thirsty, and the inside of your mouth feels like you’ve been chewing on cotton. The discomfort you feel with dry mouth is not imagined. There’s an actual medical term for this condition: xerostomia; and […]

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Oral Health 08/20/2018

For many people, the thought of visiting the dentist causes great fear and anxiety. It’s not uncommon to meet people who avoid even routine dental cleanings like the plague. The thing is, you can only put it off for so long. Sooner or later you’ll notice that something is wrong, such as bleeding when you […]

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Oral Health 08/13/2018

Unless you’re an oral hygiene enthusiast, you likely sometimes get confused about oral health basics, such as when to floss, how often to use mouthwash, or for how long you should be brushing your teeth. Even if this topic isn’t among your favorites, prioritizing your oral health is essential to prevent tooth decay and gum […]

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