Month: October 2018

Cosmetic Dentistry 10/29/2018

Teeth are wonderful. They help us take bites of food, chew, speak, and are an integral part of our physical appearance. Whether you have straight teeth or a charming smile with character, teeth pretty important. So if you’ve chipped a tooth, it would be understandable if you freaked out to some extent. Will you be […]

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Oral Health 10/27/2018

If you’re dealing with swelling around your teeth and gums, you now that the struggle is real. Things most people take for granted, such as speaking and eating, become a painful ordeal. The reasons gums swell are varied: Gum disease, canker sores, underlying illnesses, or pregnancy could all be a culprit. But what if it’s […]

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Oral Health 10/16/2018

Dental visits are not typically among our favorite activities although, there are some who enjoy the extra clean feeling that comes with a professional dental cleaning. However, dental appointments are crucial to safeguarding our overall well-being. Consider this; studies have shown a correlation between oral health infections and cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer’s. If bacteria from […]

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