It is safe to go to the dentist now!

Read below a safety testimonial from a patient of 10 years.

As I walked through the door at Impeccable Smiles, I was greeted by Laura as she asked me to fill out a COVID-19 questionnaire form as I was doing that she took my temperature. I passed the temp check and then was asked to sit in the waiting room until they called my name. They are spacing patients out enough to only have one person at a time in the waiting room.

They called my name, and I was taken back and asked the swish for 1 minute with Listerine before I entered the cleaning room. When I went in for my cleaning, all the chairs and instruments are wrapped in plastic covers. My dental hygienist made me feel very comfortable by wearing a level 3 mask, gloves, and hair bonnets. I had my x-rays done and then onto the cleaning, where my hygienist put on a face shield before proceeding with my cleaning.

I appreciated that my cleaning room also had a HEPA/UV Germ Guardian Hospital Grade Air Purifier running. In between all procedures, the common areas were wipe down too. In the end, I swish for 1 minute again with Listerine.

I was escorted out to the front desk and paid for my treatment. I left feeling very safe and knew that Impeccable Smiles always has my safety first. Thank you for making a dreaded visit a pleasure!

Happy Patient
July 2020