Meet the Team

Our dental care team is committed to creating a wonderful experience for you!

Our experienced team at Impeccable Smiles strives to provide you with the best comprehensive dental care. We stay current on the latest advances in research and treatment options, and we are proud that we are able to offer an array of dental services to meet the needs of all our patients.

Jodie Nix

Clinical Manager + Expanded Function Dental Assistant

Jodie is our seasoned professional here at Impeccable Smiles. She has worked with general and specialty dentists in the Tampa Bay area for over 19 years. She worked with Dr. DeLuca at Zephyrhills Dental and, along with two other team members, she followed Dr. DeLuca here in 2011, shortly after Impeccable Smiles opened her doors. Jodie has a truly giving heart and extensive experience in all aspects of dentistry. A talented artist in her own right, she creates many of our beautiful temporary crowns and veneers. With her vast knowledge and expertise, she explains dental treatment in a manner patients understand. Jodie manages our schedule, ensures that we have the best dental materials on hand and keeps her eyes open for new technology, new procedures, and new materials to bring into the practice. She has always favored eating mostly vegan organic foods. During her first year with Impeccable Smiles, she developed a life-threatening illness that almost cost her her life. She has become an avid student of holistic medicine and advocate for a detoxing raw food diet. Her mastery in these areas has been an asset to helping our patients reduce the amount of pharmaceutical medications that they need. She has three wonderful sons that are the center of her world and a special love in her life.

Sue Loss

Insurance Coordinator + A/R Manager

Sue is a very gentle soul – soft spoken and diligent. She met Dr. DeLuca first as a patient and won the admiration of the dental team here, and has now worked with Dr. DeLuca for the past four years! Although she had no background in dentistry, we quickly realized we needed her attention to detail and commitment to accuracy. When an opportunity presented itself, we invited Sue to join our team and a new career was born! She has a diverse background of customer service and business management experience, as well as a genuine enthusiasm for quality dentistry, delivered with honesty and integrity. A recovering dental chicken and an advocate for patients, her passion for helping people is infectious. We are grateful and fortunate to have her with us. Sue is a talented crafter and photographer, and to her credit she has produced many of the team member photos used on this web site. She is married to the love of her life, has three beautiful children and is a proud new grandma of a baby boy that looks just like grandpa!

Kelly Noblit

Registered Dental Hygienist + Internal Marketing Coordinator

Kelly joined our growing practice in July 2013. She started her dental career back in 1998 in dental assisting for several years before she decided to enroll in the hygiene program at Pasco Hernando State College. After graduation, Kelly worked for 11 years mastering her skills in periodontal therapy throughout Central Tampa. With her excellent time management acumen, she immediately helped to refine our systems and hone our scheduling practices. Kelly ALWAYS keeps you on schedule! She has a steady unshakable drive to be the best team member she can be, logical and organized, and she is always the first to find and solve an unmet need in our day-to-day functions. As a dental professional, her attention to detail and consistent quality care makes her a great asset here. She is colorful and creative in so many ways and has an unquenchable and exuberant personality! Kelly has become a Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist at American Council on Exercise (ACE). She is passionate about learning new things about nutrition and holistic living that she can share with her patients. Daily, she empowers everyone to live healthier, happier lives. Kelly is married to her high school sweetheart and has always been active in dance and physical fitness and is an avid sportswoman and bow hunter. She is an inspiration for leading a healthy, well balanced life! Kelly is also Anesthesia Certified and will ensure your comfort during dental cleanings.

Hector Torres

Lab and Maintenance Coordinator + Expanded Function Dental Assistant

Hector joined our team first as a dental assisting extern back in 2011 while still in his academic program, completing his externship to qualify for his dental assisting licensure. While we were not looking to hire an additional assistant at the time, Hector made himself so invaluable that the team decided to cut their hours by half a day so that we could afford to add him to the team — we all cried that day! It was such a turning point for his life and for our practice; he has been, and remains to be, an integral part of our team. Being a recovered “dental chicken” himself, he is unusually empathetic and truly understands your dental fears and will help you overcome yours. We have seen our “southern gentleman” buy is first car, wed the love of his life, Maria, and continue to grow in his faith and commitment to enhance the lives of others. Highly intelligent, Hector loves a challenge and takes every opportunity to learn and expose himself and others to new things. For someone so young, he has always impressed us with his exceptional insight with people and his ability to construct a healthy life balance.

Melissa Samanka

Registered Dental Hygienist + External Marketing Coordinator

Melissa has worked hand-in-hand with Dr. DeLuca since March 2011. An expert in periodontal therapy with over 13 years of experience in dental hygiene, she completed her dental hygiene program at Pasco Hernando State College. She brought with her extensive training in cosmetic dentistry, five-star customer service and a fantastic personality. Melissa’s warm genuine personality and thorough but gentle touch will win you over! She beams with positive mojo and energy that brightens every day! She will educate you how to achieve your very own Impeccable Smile and teach you how to preserve youthful dental health. Melissa will make you laugh with her quick wit and gentle nature. An avid photographer in her own right, she also has contributed photos and expertise to our website design and external marketing. A few years ago, eager to spread her wings and learn new things, Melissa left us for a year or so to pursue a nursing degree, after which she rejoined our team able to make a more substantial difference in the holistic medical and dental health of our patients. She is married to her high school sweetheart and has two beautiful children, a boy and a girl. She is Anesthesia Certified and will ensure your comfort during dental cleanings.

Tracie Hamilton

Treatment Coordinator

Tracie is the newest addition to our family. She moved here to Tampa from Minnesota with her husband and three daughters.