There are many different reasons why someone may lose their teeth. Genetics and age can both factor into the case, or perhaps an accident occurred which resulted in an injury of a lost tooth. Whatever the reason, losing your teeth can create a significant impact on your smile’s appearance which can lead to low self-esteem or self-confidence, not to mention the damage it may cause to functionality. While losing your teeth is never something one wishes to experience, there are solutions to this dental dilemma with either dental bridges or dental implants. Although these two treatments serve a similar purpose, they are both very different. Understating what each solution can provide may help you to determine which would be best for you.

Teeth are a very complex structure that many do not realize has a very important role in our health. Made up of nerves, bones, and ligaments, once a tooth is removed the space and neighboring area will slowly begin to deteriorate. Obviously, no one would like that to happen, which is where dental bridges and implants come into the picture. A dental implant is a replacement for the missing tooth, usually made up of titanium, this post will be implanted and secured to where your old tooth’s location was. Over the course of a few months, new bone will begin to form and grow around the implant. Your dentist will then tract your progress, until the implant is determined safe and secure, where a crown will be fitted to the top of the post and screwed into place.

A dental bridge is attached to remaining healthy teeth on either side of the damaged or missing tooth/teeth to create a bridge across that area. A cap is then fitted over each of these teeth along with the bridge which replaces the predetermined teeth. In some cases, if only one tooth is targeted, your dentist may use a Maryland bridge, or winged bridge, that does not receive full caps, however, the bridge is embedded into the tooth instead. Another bridge called the cantilevered bridge, attaches to an individual tooth while the bridge hangs over the gap of the missing teeth.

While one of dental implants biggest benefits is they are less harmful to the healthy neighboring teeth, they can come with a hefty bill attached. Implants are more likely to promote a healthy healing period for the gums and bone structure that were connected to the teeth. They also lower the risk of long-term damage to the jaw, and are expected to last a lifetime. These do come at a price and take several months to fully receive treatment and heal. Dental bridges on the other hand are more cost efficient, especially when more than one tooth is missing in an area, and do not take as long of a process. Unfortunately, bridges can add stress and strain to already healthy teeth, which may cause them to become underlying structural damage as well. Because of this, many bridges do not last forever.

Whether you feel that one of these solutions is the right one for you, make sure to consult with your dentist. If you are looking for dental bridges or dental implants in Lutz, FL make sure to contact Impeccable Smiles for your consultation today.