We’re going to ask you a question. It’s actually a multiple-choice question. But don’t run away just yet, this multiple-choice question isn’t part of a test, and the answer is pretty easy.

Which of these options would you prefer?

A. Drink all the coffee you want
B. Have brilliantly white teeth
C. Have coffee and white teeth too
D. Other

So, what’d you answer? We’re going to go out on a limb and say you answered C.

And if you did, you might have heard at some point in your life that you can have coffee and white teeth too by drinking your coffee through a straw. But you may be skeptical about that.

If you’re trying to get an answer to that question, you’ve come to the right place.

Does It Really Help Teeth Stay White to Drink Coffee Through a Straw?

Imagine yourself sitting at your favorite coffee shop. In your hand you have a cup of coffee that smells amazing. It’s cooled off a little bit by now. Enough so you can drink it.

You decide it’s time to try drinking through a straw. You’ve heard that helps prevent staining and you want to put it to the test. So you insert a straw, raise the cup to your mouth, and take a sip.

In addition to the delicious warm brew you taste, you also can’t help but notice that the coffee has spread uncontrollably throughout your mouth.

You try sipping again. This time you use a new method. The coffee doesn’t disperse all over. At least a little less.

But as you keep trying this new method, it begins to feel uncomfortable. You just want to drink the coffee without trying to control where it goes in your mouth.

And there you have it.

No. Drinking coffee with a straw doesn’t prevent staining.

Can it reduce staining? Maybe. At least on your front teeth because less coffee may come into contact with them.

But your molars will likely still stain, and trace amounts of coffee may still touch your front teeth.

Drinking coffee through a straw doesn’t prevent staining. Sorry.

Before you leave and give up coffee forever (as if that would ever happen), we have a few tips for you to reduce staining while still maintaining your coffee habit.

5 Ways to Prevent Teeth Staining From Coffee

While drinking coffee through a straw doesn’t prevent staining on your teeth, it may help reduce it (at least on your front teeth). There are other ways to reduce staining on your teeth from coffee too, including:

1. Drinking water after sips of coffee to rinse off your teeth
2. Brush your teeth after drinking coffee
3. Floss each day to protect against stains on your teeth you might not even see
4. Schedule regular professional cleanings with your dentist
5. Get your teeth professionally whitened by your dentist

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