When do I Need a Filling?

Learn about proactive steps you can take to prevent cavities and avoid fillings.

When a person has a cavity, bacteria eats away at the tooth enamel. As a result, these harmful organisms make their way inside the tooth, creating holes in your pearly whites. Left untreated, they can reach the innermost portion of the tooth, causing considerable, eye-watering pain. Not only are they excruciating, cavities also prevent people from being able to chew food and can result in pus development around the infected tooth.

In order to restore the diseased tooth to its original shape and reestablish its functionality, dentists use teeth fillings to plug up the holes caused by the cavities. Fillings also prevent additional decay by blocking more bacteria from entering the tooth.

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Learn how your overall health can benefit from fillings at Impeccable Smiles.

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How are Fillings Different at a Holistic Dentistry?

We operate with safe and non-toxic materials and use metal-free fillings to promote a state of physical and emotional wellbeing.

During traditional fillings procedures, dentists will commonly use materials such as gold, porcelain, a composite resin, and the most toxic of all: Amalgam.

A holistic approach allows us to care for our patient’s entire well-being. While traditional fillings do in fact restore teeth, at Impeccable Smiles, we believe such procedures are pointless if they put the patient’s health at risk.

This is why our fillings are metal-free; meaning we don’t use any harmful metals that contain mercury or other toxic materials, and you won’t be exposed to the adverse effects of these elements. In addition, our resin is the same color as your teeth, so you won’t have unsightly metal covering your molars whenever you open your mouth or laugh out loud.

If you’re interested in materials and treatment that are harmless to your health, Impeccable Smiles is the right choice for your dental needs.

Why Get a Metal-free Filling?
We use non-toxic materials that encourage your overall wellness to help minimize the number of times you need to come in for dental treatment.

The World Health Organization classifies even minimal exposure to mercury – the most common element used in fillings- as a toxin to the nervous, digestive, and immune systems, and a serious threat to child development. Our dental fillings are safely designed for people of all ages.

What Can I Expect During my Filling?

Dr. DeLuca will examine your teeth for cavities to determine if you need a filling.