Did you ever skip brushing your teeth because you were just too tired to stand there and mindlessly scrub at your gums for two minutes? While skipping out on one or two cleanings is not ideal, it is not something that can cause serious damage, but poor oral health can lead to many health issues and can increase the risk for much deadlier diseases. Having excellent oral health is much more than just making sure your pearly whites are nice and bright. If you really think about it, your mouth is a prime entrance into your body and having poor oral health can produce destructive outcomes for you whole functioning body. Today, we will be discussing what type of health issues that could arise from maintaining poor oral health.

There can be many different instances where your body is ending you signs that something could be wring, however, we have to make sure we heed these warning signs and schedule an appointment for a professional opinion. Such signs as bleeding gums, aching teeth and even a bad breath smell can all be indicators that something is not quite right. Better to be safe rather than sorry when it comes to your health and practice good hygiene for your teeth and gums!
Poor oral health can lead to many diseases and health issues, below are the most common problems that can arise from not maintaining proper health and self-care practices.

Cardiovascular disease. This can happen as a result of poor oral health and can put you at a greater risk for heart disease. This is a perfect example of what could happen if bacteria enters your bloodstream. If your gums happen to be inflamed due to the same bacteria that causes periodontal disease, this bacteria can enter your bloodstream and create plaque to form and harden around your arteries.

Diabetes may not be a direct cause of poor oral health, but diabetics are more susceptible to infection and gum disease. Periodontal disease can spike blood sugar levels thus creating difficulty controlling elevated levels of blood sugar.
Cancer. Not only can you develop oral cancer by poor oral health and extracurricular activities such as smoking and chewing tobacco, but other cancers such as kidney, blood, and pancreatic cancers have been linked to poor oral health.
Kidney disease can occur as a result of poor oral health due to the fact that their immune systems are weaker.
Dementia can be linked to poor oral health as a result from the gum disease, gingivitis. This can happen when the bacteria spreads from the mouth to the nerve channels through the bloodstream.
Respiratory infections can form as a result of more bacteria leaking through the bloodstream or even by breathing bacteria (accidently) into the lungs. Once there, bacteria can cause infections such as pneumonia, bronchitis, and even chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

While you may be tired after a long day, remember, brushing your teeth for a few minutes now could save you from a worse fate later. Contact Impeccable Smiles, your Lutz FL dentist, today for a consultation!