What is Holistic Dentistry?

Holistic dentistry is a dental medicine approach that considers the patient’s overall health, including their physical and psychological state.

Dentists often use non-toxic restorative materials and emphasize the impact that dental toxins and infections may have on a person’s overall health. It addresses the whole-body oral/systemic connections that positively/negatively affect oral health and oral care.

Areas of focus are:

  • Emphasis on metal free and toxin free materials and alternatives (PBA Free, PHTHALATES, PFAS, DIOXINS etc.) and free from Endocrine Disruptors.
  • Biocompatible materials – composites, compomers, mineral releasing glass Ionomers, gold, titanium.
  • Preventative/proactive care to prevent oral degradation (tooth loss) and oral (tooth bone and gum) disease.
  • Whole body oral/systemic connections that positively/negatively affect oral health and oral care.
  • Address the underlying systemic problems that destroy or support your teeth and oral health- addressing corelated systemic issues before damage/more damage is done.

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Common underlying conditions that affect the whole body

Chronic Bruxism/Clenching And Grinding

Continual gnashing of teeth results in tooth loss (vertical fracturing of your tooth or teeth); severe wearing down of your teeth (progressively become shorter and shorter, ultimately exposing the nerve requiring expensive root canal treatment and crown work that would be otherwise avoidable. Constant clenching and grinding, weakens the ligaments that hold teeth in place, making teeth become mobile and loose, can result in permanent root damage, and potentially kill the nerve, requiring root canal therapy or extraction. All these things are preventable. Things that contribute to chronic bruxism/clenching.

  • Discuss the effects of some anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications that cause bruxism. Check online and talk with your MD about your medication and if one of the side effects is bruxism.
  • Offer Nutritional Solutions to help reduce anxiety, help improve quality and quantity of sleep.
  • Protective Mouth guards to stop muscle tension and progression of damage to your
    Temporo-Mandibular Joint (TMJ) and reduce painful trigger points of muscles of mastication.

Chronic Gastric Reflux

Causes and holistic treatments to reduce symptoms and the cause; chronic use of PPI’s reduces absorption of nutrients and progressively weakens your immune system.

Chronic Medicine Induced Dry Mouth

Anti-hypertensives (high blood pressure meds); antihistamines (allergy meds); anti- depressants (SSRI’s); anti-anxiety medications; ADHD medications; some forms of CBD; Gabapentin cause dry mouth. Chronic use causes a sustained and compounding reduction in the quantity and quality of your saliva that is your mouth’s first defense against cavities, gum, and bone diseases. Reduces the necessary digestive enzymes, probiotics, minerals to deposit and cleansing moisture necessary to maintain healthy oral balance and equilibrium.

Digestive/Nutritional Instability

Reduces your body’s immune system; poor B-12 production and absorption; leaky gut that pollutes your blood, leaching toxins and waste directly into your blood supply, over taxing body systems and immune system such as your Liver, Kidneys, Skin to detox your blood. Discuss nutritional solutions to reverse/control/compensate for these conditions.

Chemotherapy/Cancer Radiation Induced Dry Mouth

Causes rapid rampant caries formation on teeth and root surfaces; aggravation and escalation of bone eating periodontal disease. We will discuss preventative measures to help cope with the often-extreme side effects of Chemo and radiation therapy. There are things you can do before, during and after chemo to help reduce your cavity risk during this difficult time to lessen and help prevent the need for extreme dental repairs after spending a year or more trying to save your life.

Underlying Systemic Autoimmune Compromises

Leads to dramatic and often sudden increases in Cavity Risk and High Periodontal Disease Risk.

  • Systemic Immune Compromise, brought on by chronic severe stress such as death, divorce, financial or other personal tragedies that often happen in three’s, overwhelming your system.
  • Often compounded when there is a sudden increase of many medications that are taken all at once, affecting quality and quantity of saliva. This alters body’s ability to deal with viruses/bacteria and fungus of the mouth, nose, and throat.
  • Underlying Genetic Predisposition to disease or systemic weakness, ie) MTHR Genes that affects your body’s ability to detox and maintain healthy equilibrium.
  • DNA and Saliva Testing to determine the specific bacteria your issue is dealing with to specifically target the problem and improve outcomes; instead of just guessing.
  • Probiotics and Electrolytes to improve the quality of your saliva and boost your oral defensives.