When was the last time you had fun at the dentist? If your answer is “never”, you need to switch dentists and come to us.

That said, let’s talk about an issue that’s a common denominator at every dental office: procedures that require numbing your mouth. They aren’t fun. You know you’re being sedated to avoid something painful. To add insult to injury, you talk funny the rest of the day and you drool like a hungry basset hound.

Numbing Basics

The numbness comes from local anesthesia. Depending on where you receive your shot, you may end up feeling it all over your mouth , including lips, and the skin on your chin.

You may get anesthesia either by a topical gel, by injection, by pill, by “laughing” gas (nitrous oxide), or IV. Depending on the procedure you need, your dentist may be able to only apply it to a smaller area (e.g. a specific upper tooth vs. your entire jaw).

How Long Does Mouth Numbing Last?

Most of your mouth will feel weird after getting your anesthesia. Gums, tongue, the inside of your cheeks, your lips. Which means that you have to be conscious of the fact that if you’re prone to biting any area of your mouth, you might end up biting harder than you intended.

You could be numb for as little as an hour or two, all the way to around five hours. The range will depend on how much anesthesia was administered, and where it was administered.

Your bottom teeth require a higher dosage because your jaw has a nerve block called the inferior alveolar nerve. Touch that without appropriate numbing and the entire lower half of your face will feel the pain.

Your metabolism also plays a role. If you have a fast metabolism, you’ll be numb for less time than someone with a slow metabolism.

Our best advice is to not stress over it. In a couple of hours, you’ll get back to feeling like your usual self and will be able to eat all the foods you like.

Also, don’t schedule your dental procedure right before you have an important business lunch, presentation, interview, or meeting.

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