Taking good care of your teeth and gums is essential for your overall wellbeing: Issues such as cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis have been linked to a person’s oral health. It’s also crucial if you want to show off a beautiful smile.

In a world where image is so important, and where you only have one chance to make a first impression, it’s a good idea to keep your teeth white.

In hopes of helping you achieve a stellar smile, below is an overview of what causes teeth to become yellow and what you can do to prevent them from looking stained.

Why Are My Teeth Yellow?

There are several things that could cause pearly whites to look more like pearly yellows. The most common include the following:

– Drinking too much coffee or soda
– Smoking
– Poor oral hygiene
– Certain medications
– Genetics
– Age
– Trauma

It’s also important to note that, while some people could certainly benefit from whitening their teeth, comparing yourself to celebrities could be a disservice: Teeth are made out of four layers: Enamel (the outer layer), dentin (middle layer), pulp (the innermost layer, where all the nerve endings are located), and cementum (the root of the tooth).

While the enamel is the outermost part, it’s also translucent. This means that what really gives your teeth their natural color is the dentin. And ladies and gentlemen, dentin tends to be a little bit yellowish. The intensity of its color varies from one person to the next. Therefore, a person who’s dentin is lighter, will get whiter teeth by undergoing teeth whitening treatments. If someone with good oral health cannot achieve the same level of whiteness, it may simply mean that they have a darker colored dentin. Keep this in mind if you keep brushing and brushing, and your teeth still have a yellow hue.

7 Ways to Prevent Yellow Teeth | How to Whiten Yellow Teeth

Now that we’ve explained the role dentin plays in the natural color of your teeth, let’s talk about a few habits you can incorporate to help prevent yellowing:

1. Avoid Coffee and Soda

We understand this is not the most popular suggestion, but reality is that if you’re hooked on these substances and drink them several times a day, over time, your teeth will become stained. While we’re on the subject, coffee and soda aren’t the only liquid culprits. If you tend to enjoy drinking wine, teas, or sports drinks, be aware that their ingredients can cause your teeth to become stained. If eliminating them is out of the question, at least consider cutting back on their consumption or drinking them through a straw.

2. Practice Good Oral Health Care

When you brush your teeth, brush for two full minutes. Replace your toothbrush every 90 days. Floss at least once a day (Seriously. Otherwise, you’re going to sleep every night with decomposing food inside your mouth). Use mouthwash every single time you brush. Visit the dentist two or three times a year (frequency depends on the patient, and only a dentist can give you a timetable after examining your teeth). All of these, in the aggregate, are necessary to ensure clean teeth.

3. Use Whitening Strips

These are over-the-counter and readily available. They also contain hydrogen peroxide in small enough amounts that it can whiten your teeth without causing damage.

4. Pay Attention to Your Diet

And we’re not talking about a temporary food plan to lose weight. By “diet”, we’re referring to your lifestyle; the foods you typically eat. Sugary foods and snacks are awful for your teeth. Tooth decay is caused by bacteria that feeds off the sugar left behind on your teeth by foods and drinks.

If you have a sweet tooth and feel like you can’t help it (even though, really, you can), make it a point to brush your teeth at least an hour after consuming sugar. Doing so sooner will cause parts of the softened enamel to brush away, weakening your teeth.

In addition, eating more crunchy fruits and vegetables fosters saliva production, which also aids in helping keep your teeth clean.

5. Stop Grinding Your Teeth

While this often happens when a person is sleeping (and thus, not doing it consciously), there are ways to diagnose and treat it. Whether by using a mouth guard, stress-relieving methods, or medications, treating bruxism is essential to avoid complications, such as aging your teeth faster than normal.

6. Quit Smoking

As if you need another reason to quit this horrible habit, here’s another one. Tobacco products contain chemicals that weaken the surface of your teeth. In addition, smoking increases your chance of oral cancer.

7. Schedule Regular Dentist Appointments at Impeccable Smiles

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