When a woman is pregnant, her hormone levels fluctuate, which causes changes in her body. One of those changes can be impaired dental health. It is so common, about 40 percent of pregnant women will develop gingivitis at some point during pregnancy. Studies have also shown that there is a connection between premature birth and gum disease. If you are pregnant, follow these four tips to keep your teeth healthy.

Manage Your Morning Sickness

Having morning sickness is common during pregnancy. The acidic vomit can wear away your teeth after repeated exposure. Talk to your doctor about how to reduce nausea. When you do throw up, quickly rinse out your mouth with water and baking soda to neutralize the acids in your mouth.

Maintain Your Dental Routine

Pregnancy can be exhausting, both physically and mentally. However, you still need to keep a regular dental routine to protect your teeth and gums. Avoid drinks filled with sugar to boost your energy levels. Try more wholesome snacks such as fruits and water.

Watch Your Gums

The surge of hormones can impact your gum health. Pregnancy increases the risk of gum disease. If you already had gum disease before becoming pregnant, it can become even worse. Be sure to maintain your dental routine and inspect your gums often. If you notice that you have bleeding and swollen gums, contact your dentist.

Talk to Your Dentist

If you are due for a routine dental appointment, try to schedule it after you have reached your second trimester. The second trimester is the safest period for the baby. Once you arrive at your appointment, be sure to let your dentist know that you are pregnant. This will help them ensure that your baby is shielded during the x-ray and that they do not give you any medication that may harm the baby.

In Conclusion

Pregnancy causes a lot of changes to a woman’s body, including a decline in dental health. It is important to keep on top of your dental routine and to talk to your dentist in Lutz, FL if there are any issues. When you look out for your health, both you and your baby will benefit.