When you visit most dentists’ office, chances are that their number one priority is your dental health. And while that is definitely our reason for existing, we also aim to make our patients actually enjoy coming to the dentist.

We do so by getting to know you, so we can establish a relationship based on trust. We get to know what makes you feel at ease, and we strive to provide a home-like environment. We also love to make you laugh.

That said, we also know that having state-of-the-art technology is an essential component of an efficient medical provider. So while we do go out of our way to make your visit a comfortable one, our very own dentist, Dr. Vivian Deluca, also attends regular trainings to find out about the latest technology.

And among the most recent cream of the crop, we’re proud to say we have incorporated a Valtech Green CT Implant Scanner to our practice.

Why is a Valtech Green CT Implant Scanner better?

CT Scans are crucial to provide diagnosis and treatment because they furnish doctors with 3D imaging. This is especially important in implant cases, since your dentist needs to know the exact dimensions of the teeth that need to be replaced.

Scans also allow your dentist to see whether there are any sensitive areas surrounding the part of your mouth that need treatment: any issues with nerves, bones, or sinuses would show up on the imaging.

While traditional scanners work well, with time comes progress. This is where the Valtech Green CT Implant Scanner comes in:

It’s the world’s first environmentally friendly CT, and the benefits of using it are many:

– Green technology
– Less scan time (which means a shorter dentist appointment)
– Lower radiation
– Better image quality
– Multiple fields of view
– It provides better accuracy when making a diagnosis
– It provides a better way to estimate costs of treatment
– It’s helpful in most oral surgery cases as well as in implant cases

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