While a vast majority of society are aware that braces do more than make teeth straighter, they may not be able to explain the extra benefits that come from proper orthodontic treatments. These benefits can often become overlooked as the prime focus tends to be on the perfect, beautiful smile that is amplified by braces. However, as properly aligned teeth create an improved outer appearance, they can also help with boosting self-confidence, digestive issues, and lowering risks of disease.

Misaligned teeth that are not seen to, or corrected with orthodontic treatments, can lead to much larger and serious health issues down the road. So how can having aligned teeth help reduce these risks? For starters, having straight teeth will make a much easier job of brushing and flossing. When teeth are properly aligned your toothbrush and floss are able to reach all surface areas, whereas with crowded or overlapping teeth, these areas can often be unreached and will go unmaintained. If these areas continue to be overlooked, they are more likely prone to an excess buildup of tartar and calculus deposits.

These types of buildups with tartar and plaque can lead to periodontitis, also known as gum disease, which can lead to bone loss around the teeth. In advanced stages of periodontists, it is even possible to result in tooth loss. Many times those who contract gum disease are known to have misaligned teeth and poor oral hygiene, which all may have been avoided with proper orthodontic care. It is as simple as properly spaced and aligned teeth will help keep you healthy.

One of the main reasons individuals seek orthodontic treatment are not only for the aesthetic purposes but the assistance in the correction of misaligned bites. A misaligned bite occurs when the upper and lower jaws to not properly meet. This can lead to unnecessary stress and pressure to certain points of the mouth and teeth. While eating and other daily activities misaligned bites can also cause uneven distribution of force and place strain on muscles, the jaw, and other ligaments. In some instances this pressure and strain could cause teeth to crack and/ or break, resulting in tooth loose. Another big factor that many individuals forget is that proper digestion begins in the mouth. Properly aligned teeth are going to be more competent at chewing food thoroughly which will lead to an easier transition from stomach through the rest of your body. Misaligned teeth, however, can fail to chew food into more manageable pieces for your stomach to digest.

Another benefit of orthodontic treatment is how having proper alignment of teeth can significantly improve difficulties of speech as they play such an essential role in proper speech patterns. When teeth are not straight it can affect the speaking pattern which may cause frustration or embarrassment for some individuals.

Orthodontic treatment is nothing new and certainly can only improve your overall health. If you are looking for a dentist in Lutz FL area, look no further than Impeccable Smiles!