ClearCorrect – Removable Braces Verses Fixed Braces

There are many types of orthodontic appliances available today to straighten and realign teeth. Clear Correct or Invisalign are the two leading clear aligner manufacturers. These systems involve custom-made clear plastic trays that fit over your teeth and are designed to tip and realign your teeth.

These “removable braces” differ from traditional “fixed braces” that use attached brackets and wires. They’re appealing to many people because you can take them out for a few hours a day to eat and brush and can still be worn for special occasions without affecting photo opportunities.

Clear Correct is an American made product manufactured in Texas. Due to the higher demand post COVID; Clear Correct has expanded, adding two new facilities in Brazil and Germany.

What Are Removable Braces/Clear Aligners?

Removable braces are clear plastic trays that you snap in and out of your mouth to correct poor orthodontic conditions. A course of treatment involves multiple trays that you change out every two weeks for approximately 12 to 18 months.

Each set of trays will look different than the ones you used before because they’ll represent the movement of your teeth over time. Each set of trays put light pressure on your teeth in different ways to slowly move teeth into their ideal position.

Advantages of Clear Aligners vs Fixed Braces?

  • They’re nearly invisible. Great for weddings or special events
  • You can take them out to eat, drink, and clean your teeth.
  • Fewer orthodontic visits – you take home 2-4 trays
  • It is much easier to brush and maintain healthy teeth without the obstacle course that fixed braces creates.

Is ClearCorrect Right for Me?

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How are Clear Correct Aligners Made?

Here at Impeccable Smiles we create custom removable braces for your mouth based on digital dental X-rays, photos, and dental impressions and/or digital scans we take, of your teeth. Your records are digitally transmitted to Clear Correct via the internet. Where the creation process begins immediately.

Your treatment case creates a start point. You and Dr. DeLuca establish what the end point will be. Then increments of movement are calculated and divided among the trays that will be needed to create those individual increments of change. This will determine how many trays will be needed. Each tray is worn for two weeks. This determines the time frame of your treatment.

Once treatment goals have been achieved, clear retainers called ESSEX RETAINERS will be fabricated to hold your teeth in their new position. They will be worn 24/7 for 6 months. After that your retainers are to be worn every evening for as long as you want the teeth to stay put. If not the pressure of occlusal forces and most specifically pathologic clenching and bruxing, as well as tight facial muscles can and often do shift teeth out of their ideal position. So wear your retainers! !

How Often To Wear Your Clear Correct Aligners?

Aligner trays must be worn 24/7 except when you eat or are brushing your teeth. The process will not work if you do not wear your trays 99% of the time. We will be checking your mouth’s progress regularly to make sure your progress stays on schedule with the planned treatment calculated for in the design of your orthodontic trays and your treatment plan.

If unmonitored for months and months, planned treatment can drift out of sequence, then you have to back track trays in order to get back on track.

How Versatile are Clear Correct Aligners?

  • Clear Aligners are great for minor case corrections to your teeth and bite.
  • Teens and adults can get great results with removable braces.
  • Teen cases may take a little longer due to periods of non compliance, so consider that in your decision to pursue Removable Orthodontic therapy. It’s important to be responsible and mindful if you wear removable braces. This is often the biggest challenge for teens.
  • Adults may prefer them because they’re clear and inconspicuous and do not interfere in busy schedules, wedding photos, and business social events. Also have fewer dental visits.
  • Adults keep in mind that if you want to use removable or even traditional braces as an adult, the treatment time might take longer. That’s because skeletal changes are more difficult in adults. Moving teeth can be slower, but it works.
  • Parents may prefer their children and teens use them because they allow for proper cleaning and flossing of teeth.
  • Clear Aligners work well to realign and straighten teeth, close gaps between teeth, and help balance your bite. However, they may not be the best option if you need significant orthodontic treatment that involves moving teeth up and down (intrusion and extrusion) or complex root realignment. Those cases get better results faster when “Fixed Braces” are chosen.

Are removable braces as effective as fixed braces?

Clear Aligners require vigilance and discipline. You need to wear them for 20 or more hours a day. You may be able to complete treatment in 12 to 18 months. After you finish your treatment, you’ll need to wear a retainer to make sure the corrections stay in place.

Clear Aligners are effective in correcting mild-to-moderate conditions related to crowded teeth and bite in those who were no longer growing. They can move front and canine teeth, but are not as effective at moving posterior teeth.

Pros and Cons of Removable Braces

Pros of Clear Aligners

  • Treatment is invisible because the trays are clear.
  • You can take out the trays for eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing.
  • They may cost more than traditional fixed braces. You may wear them longer.
  • You will need fewer visits or consultations with the orthodontist.

Cons of Clear Aligners

  • They may not correct extensive orthodontic needs.
  • You could lose or accidentally break the aligner trays when you take them out and have to buy replacements.
  • You need to avoid sugary and acidic drinks that could get trapped in the trays and cause cavities.
  • It requires discipline. The Aligners will not work if you don’t wear them 24/7.
  • You will feel discomfort when the Aligners are changed up to the next size.

Pros and Cons of Fixed Braces

Pros of Fixed Braces

  • Fixed braces have been proven effective for over decades.
  • Fixed braces can treat significant orthodontic conditions unattainable for removable braces.
  • Cases treated with fixed braces tend to track better and finish faster.
  • You can’t take them out and lose them or forget to wear them.
  • There are customizable options, including stainless steel, gold, and clear choices.
  • There’s an invisible version of fixed braces called lingual braces, which attach to the inner sides of your teeth. However, your tongue will compete for the space.

Cons of Fixed Braces

  • The brackets and wires are visible and may be less aesthetically pleasing (except in the case of lingual fixed braces).
  • You need to be diligent about cleaning your braces to avoid getting food stuck in them.
  • Due to poor brushing; risk for cavities and periodontal disease is higher of you are not diligent at keeping them clean.
  • You need to see the orthodontist regularly to adjust fixed braces.
  • You will feel discomfort when braces are tightened.
  • You must avoid eating foods that are sticky, crunchy, or chewy.

How Much Do Clear Aligners Cost?

The cost of orthodontic treatment varies from person to person and how complex the case. They can cost around $5,075 to $6,575 for treatment but may cost more depending on your needs and your insurance plan. The insurance company plan sets the price not the dentist. You will have a life-time maximum Orthodontic Benefit of $1,000 to $1,500 that the insurance company will pay for and the remaining balance is often spread out monthly for the anticipated length of treatment.