Do you have a toothache? Or perhaps you’re getting serious symptoms such as having a swollen cheek or gum near a painful tooth? That’s a sign to see a dentist in Lutz, FL, immediately for a dental checkup. You can’t just take a pain reliever and think it fixed the problem. If your tooth is infected, the pulp will not heal by itself. You need proper treatment to properly address the problem and ensure it doesn’t spread.

A root canal treatment is a dental procedure that can save a tooth from being extracted. It’s used to treat a tooth infection to prevent further damage. You need a root canal when your tooth hurts or when there’s pus oozing from your tooth. We’ll talk about why you need a root canal treatment in this article.

Why Get a Root Canal Treatment

If you want to save your natural tooth, the most effective way to do this is by getting a root canal treatment. This procedure isn’t painful as you’ll be given anesthesia before it’s performed. It’s done by removing the bacteria and the root canal is then filled and your tooth is sealed with either a crown or a filling.

Most root canal treatment is successful and a tooth may survive for up to 10 years after the treatment. No more pain and no more swelling when getting a root canal treatment to treat a bacterial infection in the dental pulp.

A Root Canal Prevents More Infection

Remember, when an infection in the dental pulp remains untreated, it can spread to your other tooth. The bacteria can multiply and affect surrounding teeth. You’ll likely experience more pain and other discomforts when you never address the problem effectively.

With a root canal you can save your natural tooth and your smile as well. Dentures may replace a missing tooth but they can affect the appearance of your smile. It’s always better to still have your natural teeth to save your self-confidence as well.

Contact a Dentist in Lutz

Do you need a root canal? If you have a toothache or experience pain when chewing or biting, it’s a sign to call a dentist. You may also need a root canal when you have a cracked tooth or swollen gums or tooth decay. Don’t worry, a root canal is a quick procedure that’s painless. Dr. Vivian DeLuca and the rest of the team can help. We offer comprehensive dental treatment including a root canal. You may call or email us to schedule an appointment. At Impeccable Smiles, we’ll always treat you with respect and with the utmost care. Talk to us today for a dental check up and our team will ensure to provide you with the right treatment.