Many people in this world joke about how they do not like going to the dentist, but for many this is a terrifying reality that they must face. Fear of going to the dentist, also known as dentophobia, can usually be rooted to a certain traumatic event that may have taken place. Because of this crippling anxiety, which nearly 75% of the adult American population have some small degree of dentophobia, those who suffer put off going to the dentist. Luckily, with the advancements in modern medicine those who suffer with this fear do not have to do so any longer with sedation dentistry.

Even if a fear of going to the dentist is keeping you from keeping your appointments, looking into sedation may be more of a benefit. Going regularly to your dentist is not only vital to making sure your teeth are healthy, but to make sure your overall health is being taken care of.

Different types of sedation dentistry are available for the most anxious to the mildly nervous. Sedation dentistry uses the assistance of medication to help make the patient feel more relaxed while in the dentist’s chair. Ranging from minimally sedated, where you are awake but relaxed, to deep sedation, which is where you can be on the edge of consciousness but are still able to be awakened. General anesthesia is where the patient is totally unconscious.

So you may be wondering what types of sedation are used to make you feel less nervous about going to the dentist. The first type of sedation is breathing in nitrous oxide (more commonly known as “Laughing gas”) which is combined with oxygen. Breathing in this mixture of gas helps to make the patient feel relaxed. This is a type of mild sedation that wears off quickly once the mask is removed. Oral sedation can be taken in pill form an hour before the procedure (this results in a mild form) while a heavier dose can be administered at the dentist office right before the procedure.

An IV sedation is typically administered through a vein which makes the sedation work much more quickly. This also allows the dentist to adjust the levels of sedation throughout the procedure. For those who suffer more of a crippling anxiety when visiting the dentist, deep sedation or general anesthesia is available. These medications can cause the patients to become almost of completely unconscious while having the procedure done and not be awoken until the anesthesia naturally wears off.

While most patients who receive sedation while visiting their dentist suffer nervousness, sedation can also be administered to patients who may have a low threshold for pain, children who cannot sit still during their visits, those with a bad gag reflex or suffer with sensitive teeth. While looking for sedation dentistry in Lutz, FL make sure to check out Impeccable Smiles. Not only does our office offer sedation dentistry, but it is our goal to make sure our patients feel as relaxed and comfortable in our dentist’s chair as they would in their favorite chair at home. Call and schedule an appointment today!