Having gaps or missing teeth can actually be incredibly harmful to your overall health. With missing teeth, your gums are more susceptible to tooth decay and gum disease, not to mention eating becomes a little more difficult. Without proper chewing, your digestive system could also be strained and have a harder time properly digesting food. So what exactly should you do if you have gaps in your smile? The best thing you could do first is consult with your dentist. There are many steps that you and your dentist can choose to take. Some options include:

· Dentures: Although, thought to be for when you are in your Golden years, dentures are actually more common than you may think. They can replace a few of your teeth, or all of them. An impression of your mouth will be taken so that everything will fit correctly. Dentures can be blended to match the exact color of your teeth, so they do not stand out. Typically, made of a mixture of acrylic, plastic and metal.

· Fixed Bridge: A bridge is when the remaining teeth on either side of the gap are prepped to become smaller, so a crown can be placed over them. A tooth replacement will then be attached to the crown and slip into the empty space. Both teeth must be healthy enough to apply this option. While the impressions of your mouth are being taken and matched to the color of your other teeth, a temporary bridge will be fitted in the meantime. Once the permanent bridge comes back from the lab, it will be cemented into the correct place. This option may not last the longest, especially if your anchor teeth begin to decay and are no longer able to support the bridge and crown.

· Dental Implants: The most expensive and complex option. Dental implants can also be the most realistic to looking like your natural teeth. This implant is fixed by putting a screw into your jawbone and having your bone heal around the screw. A crown is then placed on top a little while later.

You can always choose to do nothing. While this is a popular option with those who are afraid of the dentist, this option could be painful and more expensive later on in life. When teeth are no longer supported on both sides by other teeth, neighboring teeth of those missing tend to drift and lead to possible risk of creating a trap for food. This of course can lead to gum disease and tooth decay. Having gaps in teeth can also lead to digestive problems, as food is not being properly chewed through it becomes harder to digest and pass later. As time goes on, our bodies can remove bones through a process called bone resorption, where teeth used to reside, as these bones are no longer in use. This could cause some set backs if the process of bone resorption has begun.

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Whenever we think we have a flaw in our appearance, we tend to cover it up because we find it may be too embarrassing. We are told that we should embrace these flaws and celebrate them, which is not wrong. We should enjoy all of ourselves. However, there are some who still cannot quite accept these small details that should make them stand out, either because they may lack confidence or because these flaws may have a health impact as well. Fixing your flaws to make you gain your self-confidence is not a bad thing, in fact it could be helping your health.