So I am a heavy grinder at night and I was actually starting to experience a shift in my teeth for movement and Dr. DeLuca and the team recommended a mouth guard to wear every night. Since I’ve done that I have had no teeth movement at all during my checkups my mouth guard is fitted perfectly for me so when I came in to get fitted for my mouth guard it was all digital scanning which was amazing and within two weeks I had my mouth guard and I was able to get it fitted that day and take it home and wear it that night. It will not cause any kind of pressure it just goes in it pops in and it’s comfortable to wear all night. Wearing my mouth guard has made me sleep better at night and I don’t wake up with headaches anymore so if anybody’s experiencing any kind of grinding at night or waking up with headaches I highly recommend you come into impeccable smiles and discuss getting a mouth guard it has definitely saved my teeth I know you will not be disappointed and the team here is fantastic.