From the laser molding to the actual you know mechanics and equipment that they have right away when I came in I was like this is not my past experience with dentists you know in the dark ages I guess but they are absolutely cutting edge technology and just the quickness from everything from an x-ray that in my past experience took forever you know to just expediency I mean it was quick and harmless. The digital scanner that they do for impressions you don’t require any goo anymore at the old dentist they used to go to it was very uncomfortable experience to have all that gunk in your mouth you know for up to 20 minutes. I’m here they just scan your mouth and you’re good to go and it’s more of a pleasurable experience. I bring my daughter in and she is even very comfortable taking x-rays, I know a lot of times kids have a tough time with it. The equipment here is state of the art I feel like everything is very up to date. I have been amazed how my implants went very well and yes she really does know the best technology very impressed with all the modern technology which only adds to the capabilities of that dentist and and the communication that she has with her patients. That’s why my whole family comes here and that’s why friends of mine are glad I recommended Dr. DeLuca it just made the whole process so much warmer and so much more comforting and i really felt like they have the absolute best of equipment tools and resources to help me and i’m telling you they will get the results that you’re looking for.