One of the reasons people don’t particularly enjoy going to the dentist is that after certain types of procedures, the patient ends up with a numb mouth for several hours.

It can be inconvenient (speaking can become difficult), it can be embarrassing (thanks, drooling!), and it can have a significant impact on the things a person can eat before they regain feeling in their mouth.

Dental Anesthesia 101

Despite the fact that it’s vexing, the reality is that the mouth is numbed as a result of local anesthesia, which makes so many dental procedures more comfortable.

There are two types of injections:

1. Block injections. This type of anesthesia will numb an entire area of the mouth, such as one full side of your mouth, or the lower jaw.

2. Infiltration injections. This anesthetizes a smaller region, such as around a specific tooth.

If injections freak you out, here’s some news to give you peace of mind: dentists usually apply a numbing gel to the site before the needle ever touches it. And while this is a wonderful way for you to have your procedure without feeling much, the downside is that the effects of the anesthesia usually lasts for several hours beyond your dental appointment.

What can I Eat When my Mouth is Numb From Dental Anesthesia?

Since chewing and moving your tongue may be difficult due to the numbing, we advise that you stick with eating soft, easy to swallow foods, such as:

– Mashed potatoes
– Soup
– Fruit/veggie smoothies
– Oatmeal
– Applesauce
– Sherbet
– Cooked butternut squash
– Soft cheese
– Risotto
– Scrambled eggs
– Mashed bananas
– Hummus

Avoid consuming alcohol, since it may interact with the anesthesia.

Regardless of your choice of a soft meal, due to your loss of sensation, you may be biting harder than you think and could injure the sides of your mouth or tongue, so be extra careful.

Also, depending on the procedure you had, you may have additional restrictions, such not being allowed to use a straw or limiting spicy or acidic foods. Pay close attention to instructions from your dentist.

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