Some people like going to the dentist. They are few and far between, but they do exist. For everyone else, the thought of having someone use metal instruments near sensitive gums can seem intimidating. This is why it’s always good to have different types of available dentistry. Having options often helps people feel more at ease. Such is the case with holistic dental cleanings.

What is Holistic Dentistry?

Holistic dentistry is an alternative field of dentistry that focuses on the entire state of the body. For example, instead of only focusing on the state of a person’s teeth and gums, the holistic dentist will look at other factors that may affect oral health, such as nutrition, whether the person grinds their teeth or sleeps through their mouth while sleeping, or if the person has any underlying health condition (such as diabetes, thyroid problems, anemia, an eating disorder, or cancer).

The reason for looking at the whole picture is to attempt to eliminate or diminish the problem from the root, if at all possible.

What Makes Holistic Dentistry Different From Traditional Dental Cleanings?

During a holistic cleaning, either the dentist or dental hygienist will only use non-toxic, organic materials. This greatly reduces the chance of pushing bacteria into the bloodstream when performing dental cleanings. In addition, instead of simply cleaning your teeth, the oral health professional will look for ways to ameliorate the cause for oral health issues. Below are common examples:

If a person grinds their teeth while sleeping, the dentist may recommend using a dental splint.

If the patient has dry mouth, the dentist can implement therapies to solve it.

If the person has acid reflux, the dentist will study what the person generally eats and offer a tailored nutritional plan to help diminish it.

If the person has issues with their temporomandibular joint (TMJ), the oral health provider will use relaxation and massage techniques to help reduce symptoms.

Some providers will also use a sample of the patient’s saliva to study it under a microscope to determine whether the person has an undiscovered medical ailment or if the type of bacteria that grows in their mouth requires a different type of cleaning.

Additional Benefits of Holistic Dentistry

If you need x-rays prior or after your cleanings, holistic dental offices use digital radiography, which exposes the patient to 80% less radiation than with traditional x-rays.

Holistic dentists also avoid using fluoride, since there are studies that show that excessive exposure to it can lead to a list of health issues. And because all materials are organic, they’re also environmentally friendly. So you get clean teeth and a calm conscience.

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