Have you ever had a toothache? You know, the kind in the back of your mouth that won’t let you do or think about anything else? Or do you need a tooth implant? How about braces?

Regardless which of those scenarios apply to you (if at all), would you rather:

(a) Have your doctor inspect your teeth with her pokey instruments, or
(b) Have your teeth scanned painlessly by a smart machine?

We’re pretty sure most reasonable people would prefer the second option.

This is why, at Impeccable Smiles, we’re so excited to tell you about our CS 3600 Scanner.

Why is a CS 3600 Impression Scanner better?

Would you rather do math in your head or with a calculator? While dentists are substantially more adept at working with teeth and gums than the average person solving a complex equation, a CS 3600 Impression Scanner adds the following benefits:

– It’s more comfortable (reduces gag reflex)
– More accurate, intuitive scanning
– Faster scanning
– Sharper images
– Less chances of error
– No need to do plaster models
– Less time at the dentist’s chair
– Being able to make implants with 100% accuracy
– While at the orthodontist, you’d be able to see future results on a screen
– It’s easier to share information with other dentists if you need a referral, since it has a direct USB connection.
– Makes your treatment more streamlined.

Your dentist would have the alternative of looking at the images in high definition 3D. This means being able to see much more details and taking less time to make a diagnosis and choose treatment options.

It makes it easier for the dentist and patient to communicate

A CS 3600 Impression Scanner also allows patients to better understand a diagnosis. This is because it gives dental professionals the option to highlight specific areas of the scans. It also allows dentists and orthodontists to look at the scans from several different angles.

This makes it less likely for details of diagnosis and treatment to get lost in translation. To see a real-time scan and know what to expect, click here.

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